Wellington doesn’t want amalgamation – the Len Effect no doubt

The whole country can see what a total stuff up Auckland amalgamation is. ?Everything that was promised has not come to pass, especially cost savings. ? What has come to pass is that previous councils would not work together so things that would benefit the region were very hard to achieve.

Now Aucklanders are enjoying a mayor and a council hell bent of using its new powers to commit the region to a rail network that is going to cater for only 15% of the population, yet causing rates increases that will be hundred of percent in excess of inflation on a yearly basis for the foreseeable future.

Wellingtonians don’t want a bar of it.

Submissions close [today]?for people to have their say on whether to make Wellington a super city.

The local government commission is recommending nine councils that would be governed by one body. But many don’t feel they’ve been given enough information on it.

It’s been described as the most significant reform of a generation ? the proposed Greater Wellington Council would take more than nine existing councils.

That’s Wellington City itself, the Kapiti Coast and much of the Wairarapa. It’s even bigger than the Auckland super city.

A survey by the Wellington City Council found people in the Wairarapa showed the least support, followed closely by Hutt Valley residents.

Support was higher in Porirua, Kapiti and Wellington City.

But many people 3 News spoke to in central Wellington today opposed the idea. However, the majority say they don’t feel they’ve been given enough information.

Submissions will go to the local government commission, which says elections for the new council could take place as early as October next year. But that’s unlikely; a public referendum could send the proposal back to the drawing board.

I’m not sure Aucklanders wanted amalgamation. ?It was pretty much forced on the region. ?Similarly, Wellington amalgamation will happen too. ?How will they do it? ?By offering a number of closed option, and not allowing the status quo.

It’s a cliche’, but for a nation of 4.5M people, we are completely overrun by?bureaucrats. ?Creating more powerful ones is only going to cost the tax and rate payers more.

Wellington can see what happened to Auckland.

How long will they be able to hold off the inevitable?


– 3 News