Whaleoil Alert – David McEwen and currency trading (again)

Whaleoil readers will remember the warning bells that were rang loud and clear by this blog over Phoenix Forex, and their dodgy currency trading software called Oak FX.

The FMA got involved and publicly warned people off the product. The media eventually cottoned on to this whole stinking mess Phoenix Forex went under, and two of the principals, Mark Brewer and Kendall Twigden, took off to Ireland to start another company called ?Paymark Autotrader?.

One of the other principals of Phoenix Forex was David McEwen, who has been a financial journalist, a broker and a consultant to paying clientele. McEwen has since done his best to avoid further fallout from the collapse of Phoenix Forex, the clients who lost money, the people who supplied services to Phoenix, the magazine he used to spruik PhoenixForex/OakFX and the people who supplied services to the restaurant that motley lot ended up owning and pillaging. McEwen now a broker at Halifax Trading, which in itself ought to be ringing a warning bell.

It has been brought to our attention that Mr McEwen is involved as a director in another currency outfit called ?Apex Capital Investment?.

I am sure NZers will be delighted to hear that David McEwen is a director of such a company with such impressive owners that can?t be easily traced by potential NZ investors.

Apex?s website according to the Companies office is?www.acifx.co.nz

Whaleoil readers won?t be surprised to hear that ACI FX boasts world leading trading tools that can be used right from your iPhone (because thats how the best currency traders work, apparently)

We read about ACI?s advantages (haha) on their??about page“.

I?m reluctant to criticise the tragic engrish, but it is worth sharing that “ACI?s core members are from top traders in the world. ACI was established with the creative thoughts, cutting-edge technology as well as the common dream.?

It?s also important to know that “While, financial talents are converging in ACI from varied countries, they are offering the competitive and forefront information to the financial practitioners on a global scale as well as the financial products and technology in the international leading level. All above are in order to insure the investors conduct the trading and accurately calculate the risk in a safe and reliable circumstance. ACI is keen to be with all customers and cooperative partners to create a new financial era.?

So good luck then to anyone who seeks to create a new financial era with David McEwen and ACI FX. To paraphrase another financial genius, Brian Gaynor, it just may not be the one they expected though.