What is Winston’s price for cooperation? Is it to see Key go?

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says Prime Minister John Key is “acting like a spoilt brat” by saying he doubted Mr Peters would work constructively with National.

Mr Key said yesterday reforms to the Resource Management Act would have to be scrapped or diluted because National no longer had the numbers to pass them. He said he doubted Mr Peters would work with National on such issues even if they benefited Northland because Mr Peters was an oppositional MP.

Mr Peters said National had not even put anything in front of him to consider. “I’m not going to have Mr Key roaring when his toys have been taken out of the cot, as they were last Saturday, making these sort of protestations. What you’re getting now is protestations of innocence and good faith which don’t exist. The National Party has not come to us.”

It’s payback time alright. ?

He said Mr Key was now trying to lure him into supporting the Resource Management Act reforms by claiming it was holding Northland back. “That’s diabolical humbug.”

National had talked up the stability of its Government, so should not now try to lay the blame on him if it could not pass the RMA reforms. “It should go across to the parties that they own in every respect.”

Mr Peters’ win has meant National can no longer rely on only Act to pass legislation, giving increased influence to United Future’s Peter Dunne and the Maori Party.

However, Mr Peters said he had no intention of letting those parties flex their muscle. “I’ve made it very clear that we didn’t slog it out up north to have them in any way think they are going to be the beneficiaries of it. No way will Peter Dunne, the Act Party or Maori Party be allowed to behave in this way.”

Once again, Winston is in full flight, and is making everyone else believe he’s holding all the cards. ? I think National should call his bluff and continue as if nothing happened last weekend.

But I doubt it will.

The government has more on its plate than RMA reform. ?Let Northland be responsible for the rest of the country not getting what it wants, and let Winston be congratulated for a great side show, told to sit down, and lets’s get back to business.


– Claire Trevett, NZ Herald