What sort of scumbag defaces a charity’s billboard to make a political point?


Key Derangement Syndrome is strong in the scumbag who defaced a charity’s billboard in order to make some sort of spurious political point.

A Heart Foundation billboard in Hamilton has been defaced in political protest.

The billboard aimed at raising awareness of heart disease as ‘New Zealand’s biggest killer’ was erected on Commerce St, Frankton in early February.

Yesterday the foundation was informed by a member of the public the blackened out image of a man representing the disease as a ‘serial killer’ had been replaced with a sketch of the Prime Minister John Key’s face.

Heart Foundation head of marketing Vanessa Winning said foundation employees and volunteers are upset the billboard has been used for political protest.

“It’s really disappointing that a charity is being targeted to score political points. I find it unthinkable that someone would vandalise our billboard, and consequently mock a seriously crippling disease, just to make a political statement.” ??

It is believed the vandalism occurred sometime over the weekend and is isolated to Hamilton.

“We haven’t had any other reports of vandalism.”

Hamilton West National MP Tim Macindoe’s office has also been informed of the stunt.

The billboard is one of a number around the country for the charity’s nationwide annual appeal to raise awareness and funds towards fighting heart disease.

“Heart disease devastates thousands of families and communities in New Zealand every year. This is an incredibly immature and callous act.

People are diagnosed with heart disease every day and have to live with the consequences. To think that such a personal and destructive topic is being used to score points is very sad.”

Whoever is responsible for the defacing went to ” a lot of trouble” to measure and produce the image of Key, said Winning.

I wonder of the Green party and Labour party leaders are willing to denounce such a stupid act…or will they be quietly sniggering that one of their deranged supporters did it.

This is why the opposition doesn’t gain any traction…their supporters are extreme and it reflects on them

Let’s hear the denunciation of these acts of vandalism from Andrew Little…then again he thinks employers are parasites.


– Fairfax