When it isn’t the Herald making stuff up it is Fairfax

Two weeks ago?the Press?Council busted the NZ Herald and David ‘Tainted’ Fisher for making stuff up. The Herald and Brian Gaynor also had to apologise to Mark Hotchin for defamatory comments made in their articles about him,

This morning on Stuff.co.nz there is a grovelly apology from Fairfax over a story they have made up about Stephen Jennings.

Last week, stuff.co.nz published an article regarding New Zealand businessman Stephen Jennings, and his business activities in Kenya and Russia.

The article may have been interpreted as implying that Mr Jennings’ business activities in those countries were unethical and open to criticism. It also implied that Mr Jennings was a business rival to Bill Browder, a well known American businessman, and wanted to destroy him.

Stuff.co.nz accepts that none of these statements or implications have any factual basis or legitimacy. No attempt was made to contact Mr Jennings prior to publication, and we accept that had we done so, the article would not have contained those statements or implications. ?

We accept that Mr Jennings is a respected and successful figure in the banking and business worlds, and we deeply regret any suggestion to the contrary. Accordingly, we unequivocally retract the factual errors and misleading implications contained in the article, and unreservedly apologise to Mr Jennings for any distress suffered by him and his family as a result.

I’d suggest that Fairfax was served with notice of defamation proceedings and have now backed off at a hundred miles an hour.

These media types think they can destroy business people’s reputation then get away with an” oops sorry, got that wrong” statement. If you are going to write something about someone first step is to get it right, second step is to contact the person you are writing about…journalists these days just think they can write stuff then get a 30 second “doorstep” call out of the way for balance.

They are wrong and Fairfax has found that out.

Fairfax now joins the Herald in making stuff up to suit their agendas and campaigns.


– Fairfax