Where was this story during the Christchurch East by-election?

Media are at it again – only highlighting National’s use of taxpayers’ funded travel during by-elections.

The by-election battle for Northland has seen a steady stream of Government ministers visit the region.

And all that travel is putting scrutiny on their use of taxpayer-funded resources like Crown limousines.

Northland has never seen so many Crown cars with a flock of ministers and MPs parading through the electorate every day to support National’s candidate, Mark Osborne.

“It’s pretty extraordinary that National is not only pork barrelling the electorate, but accessing the pork themselves to get themselves around the electorate,” says Russel Norman, Green Party co-leader.

Oh really? ?And your party’s co-leadership battles are all funded from non-taxpayer funds? ? Like when they all flew to Auckland to be on TV? ? Yeah, I didn’t think so. ?

Labour leader Andrew Little is similarly outraged. “You’ve got Cabinet ministers by the dozen and National MPs by the baker’s dozen going up there, finding places to build bridges in an area that they’ve represented for all but three of the last 70 years. They are desperate,” he says.

How much did Labour spend on the David Cunliffe and Angry Andy primaries that toured the whole country? ? And how much of that was straight from the taxpayers’ pockets?

Mr Osborne’s New Zealand first opponent is also on the warpath. Winston Peters sees no justification for ministers using Crown cars to promote a National Party candidate.

This is all within the rules, says ONE News political reporter Katie Bradford. “MPs can use taxpayer-funded flights to jet anywhere in the country, no matter the reason,” she says.

“Ministers can have their accommodation and Crown cars paid for for any reason at their own discretion.

“The question is whether taxpayers think it’s an appropriate use of their dollars.”

That’s just another issue for voters to weigh up in Northland’s by-election, Bradford says.

Nice hit-piece by Bradford there.

Doesn’t get done during the Green and Labour leader road shows, but when National do it, it needs the blowtorch applied.

All we’re looking for is consistency. ? /TUI


– One News