Which MP will be the next to shake down John Key?

The Northland by-election has caused something of a permanent problem for John Key, not just a short-term headache.

If Winston doesn’t win there is nothing to stop him having a go in another by-election, and he has shown that just about any seat, no matter how big a national majority, is in play.

This means Key is in a very difficult position.

He cannot high handedly give Cabinet ministers the arse like he did to Kate Wilkinson or Phil Heatley, or sack them like he did with Maurice Williamson and Judith Collins, or demote them like he did with Chester Borrows and Craig Foss. ?
Any one of the current National caucus who holds a seat can tell Key to go and get stuffed if he sacks them, saying feel free to have a by-election.

Foss or Borrows could easily kick him in the goolies if they decided to, on the grounds they have nothing to lose while Key could lose his grip on the job he has wanted all his life.

MPs who have been continually overlooked like Cancer Bennett and Lindsay Tisch could cause problems if they have the balls to stand up to John Key.

The problem Key has is that he has a created scenarios where MPs have nothing to lose, so they aren?t afraid of being belligerent.