Which story is true?

One of these stories is true and one is a lie.

Can you pick the true one?

Story one:

The Buddha was not a vegetarian. He did not teach his disciples to be vegetarians and even today, there are many good Buddhists who are not vegetarians. But if you eat meat you are indirectly responsible for the death of a creature.

– buddha.net

Chef Jeok Mun

Chef Jeok Mun

A Buddhist monk in Australia has complained to the Media about religious discrimination against him in a cooking competition. The competition was sponsored by a bacon company and it was a requirement of the competition that original dishes created by the contestants contain their product. The monk complied with the requirements and his dish came in second place. His complaint is that he feels that the reason he did not win was because the company did not want a Buddhist as the face of their product due to the vegetarian association.( The winner’s dish is included on the back of packets of bacon as well as the winners face. )

Second place dish: Broccoli potato bacon hash

Second place dish:
Broccoli potato bacon hash

Story two:

?O Prophet! Say toyour wives, your daughters, and the women of the believers that: they should let down upon themselves their jalabib.?

This means that the Islamic dress code for women does not only consist of a scarf that covers the head, the neck and the bosom; it also includes the overall dress that should be long and loose.

So, for instance, the combination of a tight, short sweater with tight-fitting jeans with a scarf over the head does not fulfill the requirements of the Islamic dress code.


Frida Deguise

Frida Deguise


A Muslim fashion designer has complained to the Media about racist discrimination against her by an Australian beauty pageant. The pageant was looking for a national costume to be designed and the winning design was to be worn by the winner of the pageant when she went to the World wide competition representing her country. The designer complied with the requirements for the competition and her design was short listed. Her complaint is that she feels that the reason she did not win was because the company did not want a face like hers associated with the national costume.

Short-listed costume

Short-listed costume


Answer over the break

What is more likely, a vegetarian Buddhist monk creating a recipe with bacon or a Muslim fashion designer designing an immodest costume?

If you guessed a vegetarian Buddhist monk you would be wrong.

FRIDA Deguise has vowed never to design for Miss Universe Australia again claiming she was mistreated by organisers because she is Muslim.

The 37-year-old designed a Steve Irwin-inspired costume which was short-listed in last year?s pageant but did not win.

Instead Caitlin Holstock took out the title with her indigenous inspired sunset design.

The winning design

The winning design

?I won?t design for Miss Universe again because I believe they?re racist,? Deguise told Confidential.

?They didn?t want me in there.


Frida Deguise at Fashion Week. Picture: Splash

Frida Deguise at Fashion Week. Picture: Splash

?I don?t think they wanted a face like mine associated to the national costume.?

Deguise has also made claims that Channel 7 intentionally cut her out of their promotional ads when exclusively revealing the four short-listed designers on its Sunrise program last year.

A Seven spokesperson denied these claims, saying they were fans of Frida and her design work and that she was more than welcome back on their program any time.

?Frida and the other 3 finalists and their gowns made for a good segment, based around the competition for a final, winning design,? a Seven spokesperson said.

?We enjoyed her time on the show and she was invited to appear a second time, because her first interview was so successful.

?As Frida continues her work in the fashion design area, we wish her luck and if she produces other design work that would make for a good segment we would love to have her back.?

Deguise, who has been designing gowns for the beauty competition for six years based in the south-western Sydney suburb of Liverpool, said she would never enter a Miss Universe Australia pageant again.

Miss Universe Australia?s national director Deborah Miller said Deguise?s allegations were incorrect and that she was ?saddened? by her claims.

?We have Muslim, Ethiopian, Sudanese and refugees in the competition this year so it?s very sad someone would say something like this,? she said.

?We have been supporting Frida for many years – the claim we have mistreated her isn?t the case at all.?

…Deguise believes the ISIS situation in the Middle East may have been the reason why she was edited out of promotional clips.

?Muslims tend to stay in their areas. I know of Muslims that have never gone to Bondi because they?re scared,? she said.

?We?ve become so suppressed because we?re so scared to speak up.?