Who are the Herald writing for, exactly?

Check this out.






Shaggy dog story.

You can understand the sports ones this morning, but why the total vacuum when it comes to real news?

We’ve frequently asked why the NZ Herald keeps being critical of readers that are paying for its advertising. ?By being crim huggers and pimping the poor, we constantly wonder why the shareholders don’t pull the rug on the editors.

But the proof is above. ?We’ve assumed NZ Herald is writing for people who are actually interested in the meatier stuff. ?The truth.

Turns out the Herald’s political and op-ed columnists are basically just a vanity project. ?Few readers?actually care what they have to say. ?In reality it is people like us that are interested, yet we don’t spend money on buying the NZ Herald because it’s full of pap.

It makes me wonder what would happen to the NZ Herald if they basically got rid of most of their opinion columnists and political writers? ? Would the paper suffer?

I very much doubt it. ?Indications are these people produce work that aren’t actually of any interest to Herald “subscribers”.

And this question is more interesting: ?will enough people?want to pay to read about it on-line? ?Especially if they are also exposed to advertising?