Who do you believe?


This guy? ??

Or the head of the GCSB?

The odd thing is that the NZ Herald, most of the left wing of politics, and the usual Twitterati prefer to believe Hager.

It really is pointless to keep going on about it, as nobody is actually?listening and changing their minds.

I prefer to zoom out and say “point me to occasions where the GCSB has clearly abused its warrant”. ? People then bring up the law change that was needed because the Clark Government implemented it and it had a flaw in it. ?National continues to be blamed for “spying illegally” because the law was found to need fixing in hindsight.

That’s all there is. ?A technical breach.

Nothing else.

It’s time we put this to bed and stop wasting time on Hager and his enablers. ?Sadly, Hager’s enablers include the Green Party, Labour Party, the NZ Herald and a slew of agitating journos that find this a useful go-to stick to beat the National government with.