Who feeds them in the holidays?

Paula Bennett is dead right, and of course the usual harpies of the left are moaning that she is benny bashing.

But is she?

Minister of Local Government Paula Bennett says she expects parents to send their children to school with lunch.

National, ACT and United Future parties have voted down the Feed the Kids bill by 61-59 which sought to feed 20 per cent of New Zealand’s lowest decile school children.

“It absolutely is the right thing to do. We provide breakfast into any school that wants it and this is being taken up which is great, but we believe in parental responsibility and I stand by the decision we made,” Bennett says.

Meanwhile Labour Justice Spokesperson Jacinda Ardern says of course it’s the role of parents to feed their kids but some parents cannot afford to feed their families. ??

“Food in schools is not the answer to poverty, but it is a short term solution that means kids will at least be guaranteed a meal at school, which will help with their learning. Surely that means it’s the the right thing to do,” she says.

If schools start providing what parents should be providing do we now get into a means testing situation where if a kid is provided with breakfast AND lunch you need to start abating benefits as clearly the parents aren’t prioritising their own children.

Or perhaps there needs to be an intervention because it is obvious that the parents aren’t coping with providing basics like food for their own children,

Of course you’d likely find that the families are large and poverty is largely self-inflicted.

One thing I have never had an answer to despite asking many people…is who feeds these starving kids in the school holidays?

The next question then is if we have all these starving kids then how can we also have a child obesity problem?


– Fairfax