Who is Vernon Tava?

Exactly. ? And that’s why he’s wasting his time.

Vernon Tava, the Green Party co-convenor seeking the male co-leadership of the party, is talking about positioning the Greens as able to work with anyone in politics.

Incumbent male co-leader Russel Norman is stepping down from the job at the party’s annual conference in May, which is when a new co-leader will be elected.

Mr Tava emerged as a hopeful yesterday, and MPs Gareth Hughes and Kevin Hague are already in the race.

He says Green politics is about transcending the traditional political boundaries of left and right.

“It’s the classification of the party as left that I think needs to be refocused and re-examined,” Mr Tava said.

It is an interesting move, but I don’t think the party itself is ready for it. ?

He is a Waitemata Local Board member and is deputy chair of the board’s finance committee. He also works as a lawyer at the Auckland Community Law Centre.

It would be challenging but not impossible to be a co-leader outside Parliament, he said.

Dr Norman took over as the male co-leader in 2006 on the sudden death of Rod Donald and entered Parliament later.

Mr Tava conceded he’d be perceived as arguing the Greens should not be so tied to Labour but said a coalition with National could come with its own challenges.

He said the Greens “have to show to voters that you are able to deal across the aisle”.

Russel and Metiria’s palpable lust to be in government meant they were not going to position themselves as a proper “green” party that can work with anyone for “greener” outcomes.

Similarly, most of their on-the-ground support is from hippies and communists – people who would rather stand on a rare snail than work with?the National Party.

Yes in and of itself, it is an interesting thought. ?Could a “green” Green Party actually achieve more than just be a?taxpayer funded parliamentary branch of Greenpeace, Forest & Bird and Sea Shepherd? ? In exchange for confidence and supply, they could still chart their own course, have a few people in cabinet, and be able to “green” their coalition partners’ implementations.

They would lose support for not being communists, but they would also capture greens that could never vote for the Green Party otherwise.

We’ll never see if it would have worked or not, as… what’s his name… doesn’t stand a chance of becoming a co-leader anyway.


– NZN via 3 News