Why complacency won’t be an option for John Key

John Key and Steve Joyce are fobbing off concern over the debacle in Northland.

They are apparently unconcerned because the polling numbers for National nationwide don’t appear to be affected…which is strange considering Steve Joyce was saying Farrar’s numbers were wrong for Northland, but are surprisingly right for the country.

But this sort of complacency is bred by arrogance…and if they haven’t learned from the shellacking Winston Peters handed out to them on the weekend then there is more pain to come.

Asked how he would deliver, Mr Peters said the Government could not afford to ignore the result and would be “on the road to oblivion” if it didn’t listen to the message Northland sent. He predicted other regions would pick up the discontent in Northland and punish National in the same way.

He spoke about boosting the three Fs of regional industry – farming, forestry and fisheries.

The other regions are already up in arms.

There is a warning for Labour too…

Lee and Jeff Thoresen live near Mr Peters in Whananaki South so voted for him.

Lee voted Labour last year and said it had annoyed her that Labour had forsaken their own candidate for Mr Peters’ sake. She doubted Mr Peters would live up to his promises. “Nothing gets done up here.”

Labour would have been better to not stand a candidate at all. Instead Andrew Little threw his candidate under Winston’s bus, and then promoted the same sort of deals he has opposed in Epsom.

Winston Peters is a canny and cunning campaigner and he just handed Steve Joyce his proverbial.

John Key is a fool if he thinks that he can be “philosophical” over the result. He can’t.

I wonder if he still thinks the flag debate is a good idea?


– NZ Herald