Why did the NZ Herald protect a bullying sex offender’s identity?

Yesterday the NZ Herald ran a story about Gin Wigmore pushing back on a Facebook troll.

The NZ Herald ran a screen shot of the post and the response from Wigmore.

For some reason they obscured the identity (photo and name) of the troll.


Why cover that up? ??

Gin Wigmore didn’t and even though the troll has deleted his comment she reposted it in full complete with his full name.

What we know is that the troll is named Barry Scott…and we know this because of the image and details, but also because commenters have outed him in the Facebook page of Gin Wigmore.

I sympathize with you Gin. Your music rocks by the way. And Barry Scott has always had rocks in his head. Scum of the earth. nothing changed, also he was once convicted as a child molester and he ran someone over on purpose just for fun. Know all about this scum as it was the worst year of my life. The son of a bitch I am very sad to say, was once my ex-husband. Still a piece of dog poop. Keep rocking out that sweet music my dear. I love your work!!! Thanks to my daughter Danielle Thacker for showing me this. Barry Scott. you should be locked up and throw away the key. you psycho C***

Hmmm… a quick check of?the offender database at the Sensible Sentencing Trust and we can now find mr Barry Scott…convicted sex offender.

Bay of Plenty Times story here and also here
Earlier story here
Bay of Plenty Times, Tauranga, April 24, 2009
A Mount Maunganui man who molested a 10-year-old girl visiting his home has been jailed for a year.

Computer professional Barry Scott, 50, originally denied a charge of indecent assault against a female aged under 12 but pleaded guilty to the charge at a sentencing indication hearing on February 26. Prosecutor Sharee Christensen told Judge Christopher Harding this week that the Crown sought a prison term starting at 15 to 18 months before any mitigating factors were taken into account.

In a victim impact report, the girl’s mother said Scott’s offending had transformed her once “carefree daughter” into a “stand-offish”, angry young girl. She feared spending lots of time on her own and still needed counselling. Counsel Craig Horsley said that Scott’s offending had occurred during a time when he had been under the influence of alcohol and medication. Mr Horsley said a doctor had confirmed that the combination could affect cognitive functions.

Know your trolls/sex offenders…but the real question is why the NZ Herald hid the details of a convicted sex offender, and protected his “privacy” when he went on?the?public Facebook page of a musician and trolled her ahd abused her?

You have to wonder why he is even on Facebook, he is a registered sex offender…they aren’t supposed to be on Facebook at all, let alone protected by the NZ Herald.

Why on earth would the NZ Herald do that?

Only Shayne Currie can answer that question.


– NZ Herald