Why Fox News is winning

The left-wing likes to criticise Fox News.

Sure it has its faults but the most important thing is its audience and they know that.

Tom Bevan at RealClearPolitics explains:

There are plenty of reasons that explain Fox News? ratings dominance over the past decade and a half, but a new poll from Quinnipiac University sheds light on at least one major factor: trust. When voters were asked ?Whose news coverage do you trust the most?? Fox News beat out all other television news organizations ? on network and cable. Here?s a look at the results (the numbers on the X axis are percentages; “don’t know” responses are not shown):


As impressive of an accomplishment as this is for Fox, what?s most striking about this chart is the utter collapse of public trust in the networks. Only one-in-10 Americans now trust the news coverage of any of the ?Big Three??and if you add them all together they still don?t reach 30 percent of the total audience. It?s hard to overstate what a radical shift that represents in the television news landscape. Fox has been a catalyst that?s helped drive that shift, but also the beneficiary of a technology-driven media fragmentation.

You can see another aspect of Fox?s success if you break the numbers* down by party identification.


As you might expect, Fox is seen as ?most trusted? by a sizeable majority of Republicans ? and by almost no Democrats. But Fox is also viewed as ?most trusted? by one-in-four Independents ? the highest among any network.

I guess it is a bit like why Whaleoil is winning.

One of the reasons Fox News keeps winning is that it has managed to build a solid reputation for its news coverage, one that extends beyond right-leaning viewers. And one of the reasons MSNBC keeps losing is that its programming ? even during the daytime ? has become so opinion driven that not even its fellow ideological travelers view it as a trustworthy source of news any more.

Show me a politician or a journalist that says they don;t read Whaleoil and I’ll show you a liar.

I looked at some stats for major news organisations yesterday, and was gobsmacked and the lack of traffic on one major radio news network…they do in a week what we all do in?two?days….and they self style as a news leader.

The mainstream media have taken their audience for granted, treated them like imbeciles, invested heavily in left-wing cant and found themselves wondering where their audience went.

They all jumped into Dirty Politics, some were even involved in laundering information, and they wonder why no one trusts them.


– RealClearPolitics