Why is Auckland Council considering a ban on liquor sales when the law already prohibits it

The Auckland Council is considering restricting sales of alcohol near schools and preventing sales during home time between 3pm and 4pm.

Bottle shops and supermarkets near some Auckland schools may have to stop selling alcohol between 3pm and 4pm each day.

A five-member council panel wants district licensing committees to have discretion to ban sales near primary and secondary schools when considering applications for new or renewed off-licences.

That is among recommendations determined on Friday for a new local alcohol policy to be considered by all Auckland Council members in May, before a 30-day period for any of more than 2600 submitters to lodge appeals with the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority.


The law already prohibits sales to minors under 18 years of ?age…so store can’t sell to them anyway.

Is there a massive problem with primary school kids buying piss at bottle stores after school?

Where is the evidence that this is even a problem? ??

More importantly why is the council acting to make restrictions when the law already prohibits this?

This is just regulatory nonsense from an out of control council to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist.

The panel has not yet defined the distance which liquor outlets would have to be from schools to escape a one-hour afternoon halt to sales.

But the recommendation is not enough for Mangere’s Southern Cross Campus, which has lost a battle to stop a liquor store opening opposite its decile 1 school of about 2000 primary and secondary students. “It really doesn’t do anything,” board chairman Peter Parussini said.

“I would have thought a key part of the local licensing policy would be to not have liquor stores anywhere near places like schools, regardless of the time of day.”

But Mr Parussini said the Mangere community had since been successful in dissuading another business owner from opening a new outlet near another school.

“He valued his other business, and the community had a conversation with him about it, and he was very accommodating.”

They could be right next door for all I care, the simple fact is that store can’t legally sell booze to minors under the age of 18 so there isn’t actually a problem.

It is a perceived not a real problem…one being pushed by busy-bodies with nothing better to do.


– NZ Herald