Why is the race conciliator calling for an increase in refugee quota?


Christian refugees in Syria


Race Relations Commissioner Susan Devoy wants more refugees to be welcomed into New Zealand.

New Zealand accepts 750 refugees each year under an agreement with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

New Zealand hasn’t increased its refugee quota in 30 years, Dame Susan told The Herald.

Millions of people have been displaced by civil war in Syria and we could be helping ease the crisis, she said ahead of Race Relations Day today.

“I look at the situation in Syria and I look at our Government sending troops to Iraq and I wonder what else we should be doing as a country.

“What are our international obligations? Because it is all very well to send money but we have the capacity to accept more refugees.”

Our international obligations are 750 refugees. ?I can’t see why a number set 30 years ago is wrong. ?On what basis would it need to be adjusted? ?And it could equally be too high.

But let’s just say we’re going to take 750 refugees from Syria, can we please get people that aren’t Muslim? ? We’ve imported refugees from Somalia and they were no end of trouble because their expectations of our country?were?just too different.

We can provide a better life for non-Muslim refugees, and it is less likely to be a problem down the track. ?Let Indonesia take the non-Christian ones for example. ?It just makes sense.


– One News