Wife beater gives me boxing advice

Gutless cowardly wife beater Graham Brazier has apparently given me some boxing advice, according to Rachel Glucina.

If only he had bothered to contact me I might have actually got whatever message he was sending.

Hello Sailor frontman Graeme Brazier has penned a satirical ditty offering Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater some boxing advice ahead of his Super 8 charity boxing match on March 28 in Christchurch.

Brazier, a confirmed Otago cricket man, is supporting former Black Cap Jesse Ryder in the ring.

In the video Brazier holds a book called How to Box within another book on endangered species. His words of advice include: “At the end of round bell return to the neutral corner – should you know the meaning of neutral.”

Slater, who has lost 17kg in boxing training, scoffed: “Maybe Graeme should stick to music, not boxing.”

Here is his message to me…how cute, first Nicky Hager writes a book about me and now Graham Brazier stumbles through some boxing advice.

What I actually said, but the Herald has chosen not to print was that it was a bit rich for a bloke convicted of bashing his missus to be handing out boxing lessons. I do my fighting in the ring not in my own house.

I’m not sure I should be taking boxing advice from someone who beats up women…then again maybe I could help him get selected for National, he seems well qualified for at least a senior office holder position. Then at least he could get the National party’s lawyers to cover things up properly.

Only a brain dead silly bastard would have entered into a war of words with me…he should have stuck to drugs and beating his missus.

– NZ Herald