Will Prof Haworth deliver on fundraising?

Everyone knows that the Labour Party is flat broke, and they haven?t had a decent fundraiser since Mike ?Fat Tony? Williams retired.

At least they are now recognising that Andrew Little, Moira Coatesworth and Tim Barnett were worse than useless at fundraising.

Prof Haworth, who has worked as a union president and sat on the Ports of Auckland board, replaces Moira Coatsworth, who stood down in December following Labour’s election defeat.

He said Labour had been much too introverted and focussed on its own constitutional and other matters in the three years running up to last year’s election.

Fundraising also needed to be improved, he told the New Zealand Herald.
Labour spent half as much as National on last year’s election campaign and was out-spent by the Greens for the first time.

“National has a very good fundraising apparatus. And it is of course in that sense the party of wealth. It has access in a way that the Labour Party traditionally in New Zealand … find difficult to match at that level.

“But I think we can professionalise our fundraising. We have a lot of work going on around an upgraded fundraising process.”

I will all be watching, Prof Haworth.

Will you deliver on the fundraising promise? Will you do the hard yards talking to large donors three or four days a week, building a rapport with them first, then pulling five and six figure donations from them? Or will you rely on the proven to fail online fundraising model that Labour haven?t been able to make succeed in years?

And will you force caucus to get rid of the policies that stop people giving to Labour, like ending the ninety day trial period or living wages that stop small businesses employing extra staff as it is too risky for them to take on a dud worker?

The next lot of fundraising returns will be interesting to see.