Will the PPTA protest this?

The government has announced a $5.2 million upgrade of Tolaga Bay Area School. Which is on top of its ongoing running costs of $12,500 per student.

Students at Tolaga Bay Area School, East Coast, are set to enjoy a $5.2 million classroom upgrade, Associate Education Minister Nikki Kaye announced today.

?New blocks will be built at the school, to replace four older buildings and classrooms that are no longer fit for purpose,? says Ms Kaye.

?The new blocks will comprise 12 new learnings spaces, with ICT and wifi technology to enable learning in a digital age.

?Other work as part of the upgrade will include structural improvements to the school?s gymnasium, along with a new roof and upgraded shower facilities and repairs to the library.

?As with all major school upgrades, the Tolaga Bay project will see traditional classrooms replaced with more flexible, open plan learning spaces.

?This is about providing students with an environment that excites and inspires them to learn and achieve more.?

Local MP Anne Tolley visited Tolaga Bay Area School this morning to share news of the upgrade with students and teachers. ??

?I was really impressed with the recent Uawanui Bioblitz science initiative at the school.? The rebuild will provide a modern learning space to match the innovative education being delivered here,? says Mrs Tolley.

Work is expected begin early next year and be completed by the end of 2016.

?This is an investment not just in the school but in the Tolaga Bay area, and will provide a facility that the local community can be proud of,? says Ms Kaye.

Charter schools get approximately $1 million for set up and some have already brought their running costs down below $10,000 per student.

As the PPTA and NZEI ?try and gain ground on being one of the least trusted institutions in NZ?we can surely expect them to be out protesting this expensive venture for an expensive East Coast school mainly working with Maori students.

If they are consistent in protesting spending on charter schools we should be about to be bombarded with press releases decrying this expensive upgrade to a state school with high running costs, higher than teh charter schools they are protesting about.

Or are they just sanctimonious hypocrites who are only protesting because they see charter schools as a credible and popular competition to their embedded ways?