Will “wine based drink” damage our wine industry?


Wine based drink. ?It’s 75% wine, and 25% something else. ?Something else doesn’t even have to be defined, but can contain something like… milk. ?And it is sold side-by-side with actual wine. ?You know, wine wine.

Don’t believe me, do you?

Shoppers are being ‘misled’ by supermarkets selling ‘wine based drink’ which is only 75 per cent wine in bottles that look like the real thing.

The Australian plonk looks like a normal bottle and is sold in supermarkets alongside real wine – but the small print reveals all is not as it seems.

The labels show that the ‘wine based drinks’ are not proper wine, with experts calling on producers to come clean about what else goes into the drink.

Industry guidelines state that any drink containing less than 75 per cent wine must?be described as a ‘wine based drink’, but suppliers do not have to say what the rest is, other?than sulphur dioxide or any allergens.

Sainsbury’s is selling Copper Red and Copper White with 12.5 per cent alcohol at a price of ?6.25.

Morrisons is stocking Shy Pig Red and White, at 11 per cent and 10.5 per cent alcohol, amongst some of their most popular buys at ?3.29.


Terribly misleading.

I especially like the fact that they don’t have to explain what the other 25% is. ?Could as well be lighter fluid or anti-freeze.

But the problem is that this a wolf in sheep’s clothing. ?New Zealand wine makers need to front foot this development by popping stickers on with “REAL WINE” on them.

Also, a big push to prevent these pretenders to be placed among real bottles of wine.


Perhaps with the egg and milk in the ingredients, it should be shelved in the dairy section?

‘The fact that we had been misled into buying them as wine led us to do some more investigation.

‘We understand that supermarkets might find it difficult to have another section for these products on their shelves and may wish to merchandise them with wines, but we feel that low strength, low calorie and these drinks might all be best for their customers if merchandised clearly for what they are all together.

‘I suspect the other 25 per cent is water, but it could be unfermented grape must which would be better as at least that’s in wine,’ he added.

‘The so-called wine is highly misleading and it’s bad for the wine industry. It damages the industry’s integrity.

Next time, buy your own real cheap plonk, add some milk, eggs and water. ?Much cheaper that way.

But much more seriously, having this crap among real wine will devalue the sector and the brands. ?New Zealand wine makers must be proactive at making sure their product stands out as genuine.


– Daily mail