Winston and Soper buy into conspiracy theories

Yesterday on The Huddle Barry Soper went off on a conspiracy theory junket, questioning why the government has announced the 1080 eco-terrorism now.

He prefaced everything with statements like “I don’t want to seem like I’m buying into this but…” then raises it anyway,

Now Winston Peters has got in on the act echoing the loons of the left wing who were crying long and loud about false flag operations.

NZ First leader Winston Peters was first to fly a conspiracy theory up the flagpole by questioning the timing of the announcement during the Northland by-election.

Is senility affecting both of these old tuskers?

Who knows…but it is fanciful to even suggest it.

For a good laugh go read the comments at The Daily blog and The Standard and see where these nutters are all at.

One thing is for sure Winston Peters is always run to run a good conspiracy theory, even when the wheels fall off his claims.


– Fairfax