Winston is still geographically challenged

Winston Peters claims to be a “force for the north”.

Unfortunately he doesn’t even know where the electorate boundaries are.

Firstly he thinks Wellsford is in Auckland and not in Northland electorate.

Now he thinks that Waipu is in Northland electorate.

I am reliably advised that the Peters Roadshow rolled into Waipu yesterday much to the amusement and bewilderment of the good burghers of that town … why? … Waipu ain’t in the Northland electorate … hilarious.?

All this from a self styled ‘Man of the North’. ? ?Perhaps the answer is in this parody of ‘The Ode’ … Age SHALL weary them and the years?condemn.?? And all this from a Party whose concern for Northland was so great that they didn’t even bother standing a candidate 6 months ago.

Waipu is in Whangarei electorate.

Clearly Winston Peters has become bewildered like his supporters.

And yet the media lap up his antics.


– No Minister