Winston is twisting the knife in a festering political wound


Winston Peters is busy trying to link Mark Orborne with Mike Sabin

Winston Peters took his Northland by-election campaign to his hometown of Whananaki today.

The New Zealand First leader used his personal “paradise” to launch a political attack at the town hall, accusing National of covering up why MP Mike Sabin left Parliament.

“They are still trying to shut it down as we speak,” he says.

Mr Peters says the National Party knew before the election of a police investigation into Mr Sabin.

“That’s why $1 million is being spent on this by-election, to cover up that mess.”

He also accused his opponent Mark Osborne, who was the local party treasurer and a friend of Mr Sabin’s, of knowing about Mr Sabin’s issues.

But Mr Osborne denies the allegation.

“The reality of it is I knew nothing until the end of last year, and they are only rumours, and that is what they are still,” he says. “I still know nothing about the details.”

As Mike Sabin’s case is currently under a wide ranging suppression order, comments on this article will remain closed.

– 3 News