Winston is winning the buy-election

business woman with lots of money

New Zealand First is the big mover in the Taxpayers? Union Northland ‘Bribe-O-Meter’ following another week of policy announcements on the campaign trail. The total cost to taxpayers of the by-election promises currently sit at $63.5 million for National and $378.9 million for NZ First. The amounts are equivalent to a cost per New Zealand household of $35.67 for National?s promises and $212.87 for those of NZ First.

Taxpayers? Union Executive Director, Jordan Williams, says, “In the lead up to the final campaign week, the largest new bribe was Mr Peters? pledge to use taxpayer money to bailout the Kaipara District Council?s debt arising from the Mangawhai Heads wastewater project. That alone increased Mr Peters? Bribe-O-Meter total by $80 million.”

On TVNZ[‘s] Q&A debate, Mr Peters made reference to a policy to build a ?fast? train service to the North. An independent economic expert commissioned by the Taxpayers? Union for the Bribe-O-Meter, estimates that a high-speed rail link to Northland would cost at least $6.5 billion – more than Northland?s total annual GDP.

Although the media has been pushing the perception that it has been National that’s rolled out the pork-barrel, it is in fact Winston that’s been promising everything to everyone.


Sadly, this won’t change the mood of Northland in favour of National.

Even John Key has conceded the result may not go his way.