Would you opt out of paying tax if you could?


The IRD’s Deputy Commissioner Mike Cunnington has said, “The vast majority of New Zealanders want to pay their tax and get it right.

This made me think. ?To some degree taxes are like an insurance policy. ?We get free medical care when we need it, yet we pay towards the medical care of others when we are healthy.

What would happen if you were allowed to opt-out of all taxation, but in return, had to shoulder the actual cost of living your life? ? Additionally, you’re not allowed into any local park without paying and all parking costs money, even on residential streets.

Would you do it?

And before you jump at “yes”, think it through for a bit. ? You can’t drive on the roads without paying a fee to central government and local councils. ? You pay for every library book. ?You pay for every road-side stop to have a quick pee in the council toilets.

When someone is threatening your family, you have to pay for the Police to turn up and attend to sort it out.

All of the unemployed, people on sickness benefits and old age pensioners are proportionally docked their pay for every person that opts out of paying tax.

Your parent’s may not have a lot of money, but they are now getting $220 a fortnight to live on.

Is Deputy Commissioner Mike Cunnington right? ?Do most of us want to pay tax?

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