X-Factor bullying stunt scripted – inside source

Show host Dominic Bowden clearly signals what is to come later in the series

An inside source has told the influential global pop culture authority Black Book that last Sunday?s bullying stunt by Natalia Kills and Willy Moon was, as many have speculated, the plan of producers.

According to an inside source at the production company in New Zealand (who chose to be anonymous for obvious reasons), the bullying debacle was all for show ? but not thought up by Natalia Kills as many imagined. No, this one was the production company?s idea. According to our source:

?It was the TV producer?s plan, drama for ratings, and it totally backfired! So many crew people?s jobs at risk!?

Furthermore, Blackbook claims that the victim of it all, Joe Irvine, was also in on it, which might explain the absence of his usually present tears and emotions.

The poor guy (Joe) was actually excited like I?m just like Willy Moon, I?m gonna be Willy Moon tonight??

In another post on the site, there is further talk of it being a publicity stunt.

Frankie Sharp, a New York nightlife pioneer whose revamped the nightlife scene within recent years, took to Facebook: ?I know her personally and I feel like her music and career isn?t where she thought it would?ve been by now. And she?s trying everything. I?ve seen her actually try everything. From putting out great singles, couple of decent videos, co writing with Madonna on Madonnas new album, filming a reality show etc and her career is still not anywhere it ?should be?. Therefore I think she sat down with NZ X-Factor producers and they needed ratings and she needed some clicks and the paycheck was probably pretty enough for her to lose some fans but gain any kind of notoriety she could at this point. Cody is right. This isn?t real. These shows are scripted and formulaic.?

Of course it was a pre-planned stunt.

It appears Kills and Moon were on a pre-booked flight to the USA the next day. ?The usually vocal pair went into absolute shutdown, and once they surfaced, they were meek and just denied it was a stunt.

If the producers?thought that this could be kept a secret, they were dumber than they looked. ?Someone should have a closer look at what Kills’ and Moon’s commitments were after they left. ?Would it be a surprise to anyone that they are miraculously busy instead of finding themselves in a bit of a gap? ?Was their accommodation in New Zealand booked beyond the day they stayed?

The funny thing is that it doesn’t matter that it is exposed as scripted. ?The final win is that everyone is talking about it. ?It doesn’t matter why.

And the sort of people that get caught up in the “competition” that is X-Factor won’t care. ?They’ll be back for more.

Should we be surprised? ?Of course not. ?Dirty Entertainment goes hand in hand with Dirty Media and Dirty Politics. ?In all cases there are?huge crowds of people that are vying for your attention.

And there is only so much manufactured outrage to go around.