Yawn. The only people who care are Fisher, Nippert and Snowden

You’re still wrong!

That’s the message from Prime Minister John Key after a former director of the GCSB said the spy agency did carry out “mass collection” of communications from the Pacific.

Sir Bruce Ferguson – who ran the GCSB from 2006 to 2010 – told National Radio today: “It’s the whole method of surveillance these days – it’s mass collection. To actually individualise that is mission impossible.”

He said New Zealanders information would be included in that but “you throw out the stuff you don’t want … and you keep the stuff you do want”.

He said the bureau acted within the law.

And that’s it really. ? Governments spy. ?We do it within the law. ?Where’s the fire? ?

The statement maintains Mr Key’s position since the Herald revealed, with Nicky Hager and the news site The Intercept, revealed on Wednesday that the GCSB ramped up its spying on the Pacific at the end of 2009.

Mr Key had said on Tuesday – before the documents were published – that any claims made would be wrong. He has continued to assert errors while refusing to say what they are.

Tell us where the north-of-Auckland NSA “base” is then? ?Don’t tell me it’s that dodgy looking sat dish out Warkworth way?

While it has long been known the GCSB spied on the Pacific, the documents revealed the bureau had shifted to “full take collection”.

The issue has divided Pacific leaders over whether it was, as Tonga’s Prime Minister suggested, a breach of trust. Samoa’s leader, by contrast, was not troubled by the revelation.

And Fiji hung up the phone on them. ?They don’t want to have their time wasted, and unlike Tonga, aren’t easily trapped into a media sting.

That doesn’t stop Tainted Fisher, Hager and the usual merry band of data privacy hypocrites trying to whip it into something more than it is.

I wonder how much more they have planned? ?And who are they doing it for? ?It can’t be their readers.


– NZ Herald