You have heard of Kinder Surprise but have you heard of Halal Surprise? * UPDATED

Kinder Surprise egg with hidden toy.

Kinder Surprise egg with hidden toy.

Most New Zealanders are totally unaware of the Halal Surprise. Some realise that there is such a thing as Halal meat and others realise that a lot of our meat in New Zealand is now slaughtered according to Islamic requirements. In brief this means that the animal is not spared pain. UPDATE: That is the case in other countries but NZ Halal meat is different.

In the UK however what I said is correct.

A petition demanding an outright ban on slaughtering animals without stunning them first has attracted more than 100,000 backers – but the Government insisted last week that it still had “no intention” of outlawing religious slaughter.

Campaigners backed by celebrities including comedian Ricky Gervais, actress Sadie Frost and Queen guitarist Brian May will now press for a fresh Commons debate on the issue after quickly exceeding the six-figure threshold required on the parliamentary petition site to trigger a possible time slot.

Figures released by the British Veterinary Association last week show that the number of animals undergoing ritual slaughter without stunning has soared in the UK in the past year.

Campaigning by Muslims for traditional methods of slaughter is said to have led to a 60% rise in the number of animals having their throats cut while conscious.

-Huff Post


Halal meat is not what I mean by Halal Surprise though I am very surprised that our animal rights groups have let this go under the radar and have not protested even once ( to my knowledge.) *UPDATE: NZ Halal slaughter is different

It is estimated there are 1.8 billion Muslims around the world, and 70 per cent follow halal food standards. The global halal market is said to be worth nearly $800 billion.

Since Indonesia’s rejection of New Zealand certifying authorities, which threatens $100 million of beef exports and potentially $450 million of dairy exports, the Government has said the New Zealand Food Safety Authority will provide oversight for organisations that certify halal meat to standardise halal certification.

– NZ Herald ( 2010 )

What would you say if I was to tell you that every week the majority of items in your shopping trolley not only were Halal certified but that the producers of these products have to pay a fee/ tax to an Islamic organisation in order to use the certification.

One abattoir has revealed that it has been paying $27,000 a MONTH! Considering there are at least 267 abattoirs around Australia, that amounts to a whopping $7,209,000 A MONTH! Even if only 50% of them are paying for halal certification, (we believe the number is closer to 80%), that is still just over three million dollars paid by consumers for nothing!

What would you say if I told you that in France and America and Australia it has been revealed that the Islamic organisation that profited from the Halal certification was sending some of the money to Islamic terrorist groups?

How do you identify Halal food in your trolley? You look for the New Zealand Halal certification marks. The below mark is used by Dr Smith the largest health supplements manufacturer in New Zealand.


The Halal mark used By The Dr Smith range of products

The Halal mark used By The Dr Smith range of products

FIANZ (The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand Inc.) certifies all Dr Smith products are Halal complied. The Halal certification validates food items as being permissible for Muslims.This certification is done by FIANZ only after it has carefully surveyed and inspected the processing and manufacturing plant from where the product is originating.

' Surprise '

‘ Surprise ‘

I bet you didn’t think vitamins and supplements could be Halal.

?You haven’t seen anything yet. Do you think that something used in a Christian tradition, representing a Christian holiday could be Halal?
Cadbury has Halal certification

Cadbury has Halal certification

Think this is a hoax? Look here and see that it is nothing but the truth.

Cadbury are by no means alone in this.

Halal Christmas

Halal Christmas

What about something really Kiwi, as Kiwi as Marmite for example, is that Halal?



Is Marmite certified Halal?

Yes – The Halal Certification Authority of Australia has certified Marmite as a Halal product.

What about basic consumables that we use every day like sugar?

All Chelsea sugar products have Halal certification

All Chelsea sugar products have Halal certification


What about something really ridiculous like bottled water?


There are so many products including even pet food that is certified Halal that I cannot cover them all.

Every product in the below photo for example are Halal certified. Is this a big Halal Surprise or did you already know?

-photo Facebook

-photo Facebook

To find out for yourself look for the following on your purchases in the supermarket and be prepared for a very big Halal Surprise.

Some of the Halal certification marks on New Zealand products.

Some of the Halal certification marks on New Zealand products.

Here is an example…

photo from

photo from Facebook