Angry Little Andy prefers honesty over pretending to keep the high ground

What do you mean I need a media person?

Labour leader Andrew Little says his party decided to back Winston Peters in the fight for Northland after the first polls came out showing the New Zealand First leader with a commanding lead.

But he expects Mr Peters would have won with or without Labour urging their supporters to “send a message” to the Government ? a thinly veiled endorsement of the 40-year political veteran.

“There’s no question when you look at the numbers it clearly helped Winston Peters, but you know ? the Northland voters spoke, and if you look at the polls they’d spoken much earlier on,” Mr Little explained on Firstline this morning.

“It was pretty clear to us from a couple of polls earlier in the campaign that there was a lot of support behind Winston Peters.”

And rather than fight for second and risk splitting the vote and letting National’s newcomer Mark Osborne win, he chose to “adapt our campaign to suit those conditions”.

“We weren’t just going to come second, as we traditionally do in Northland ? we were going to come a distant third and we just made the decision well, what’s in it for us in the end?”

You compare this “So what?” attitude from Andrew Little to the “Who? Me?” attitude from John Key, and all I can see is trouble on the horizon.

Voters are going to prefer one over the other.


– 3 News