Another chance for Kim Dotcom to choke on his sauerkraut

Not only was John Bank’s guilty verdict set aside, his lawyer is now arguing that a 2nd case isn’t needed.

John Banks wants the Court of Appeal to recall its decision ordering a retrial on his charge of falsely declaring donations from Kim Dotcom anonymous.

In the latest in a ongoing legal saga, Banks’ lawyer David Jones QC has lodged an application with the Court of Appeal, asking it to throw out its judgment, Mr Jones’ office has confirmed.

Following a two-week trial in the High Court last year, Banks was found guilty of falsely declaring two $25,000 donations to his 2010 failed Auckland mayoralty bid as anonymous when he knew they were from Mr Dotcom.

The former ACT leader appealed his conviction after detective work by his wife Amanda Banks pulled up new evidence from two American businessmen who disputed that donations were discussed at Mr Dotcom’s mansion.

In November, the Court of Appeal found in his favour, quashing his convictions and ordering a retrial – but it’s this judgment Banks is now trying to recall.

Personally I hope that the Court of Appeal forces the case to go ahead. ?There will be nothing more delicious than seeing Mr and Mrs Dotcom, the more ‘credible’ witnesses take the stand and explain how they can make statements in court that are irreconcilable with the actual facts.

But I grant Banksie the peace of mind of having the case thrown out. ?Enough is enough.

People may not like Banksie’s politics, but even his opponents have said that they have never known the man to act against the law. ? It was simply not within character for him to so do. ?At the same time, a convicted fraudster on charges for racketeering, money laundering and mass copyright breaches and his wife spun a story that was preferred by the court on the day.

It seems time isn’t Dotcom’s friend. ?Given enough of it, his carefully constructed illusions crumble.


– 3 News