Another one Winston should champion: Easter trading law reform

As Easter rolls around for another year, there are again calls for the Government to review the laws which stop many shops from opening over the long weekend.

Retail NZ says many New Zealanders want to be able to go shopping over Easter weekend, but shops can’t open thanks to “outdated” rules.

“In 2015, when people can shop 24/7 over the internet, the regulations really don’t make sense, and it’s time they were reviewed,” chief executive Mark Johnston said.

“Not only is the current law outdated, but it’s filled with exemptions that render it meaningless. A corner dairy can open, but not a supermarket.

“You can go shopping in Queenstown or Taupo, but not Wanaka or Rotorua. A shop can be filled with workers packing internet orders, but it can’t open the front door to the public.”

“I’m not saying every shop must open, that everyone must shop, or that everyone must work, but if people want to, why should the Government get in the way?”

I still don’t quite understand why this is so poisonous to successive governments as to leave this as the only sacred cow on our calendar. ?It’s taken even more seriously than ANZAC day, and that involved the deaths of more than just one bloke.

Look, I understand the Labour Party have to pretend to care about the two days a year that the workers get off even if they want to work and take the time-and-a-half and a day in lieu, but why National hasn’t sorted this out yet is unfathomable.

Every year the same story comes up. ?Every year the garden centres happily pay $1000 to be open for the day, and every year poor Labour Department inspectors have to work even though they actually want the day off to go shopping.

Ee’re all having to vote on a flag change that only the Prime Minister wants, so that’s ok then.