Another registered teacher before the courts

If you listen to Chris Hipkins having teachers registered is to protect the kids. They oppose charter schools because there is no requirement to have every teacher registered.

Yet almost daily we hear of registered teachers before the courts…they have replaced the Catholic Church as the haven for kiddy fiddlers and sex pests.

A male teacher has denied sending photos of his penis to a 16-year-old student, but admitted sending inappropriate messages, including: “U shw me first”.

The Lower Hutt teacher – who has interim name suppression – was accused of sending the girl photographs of himself and explicit images of his genitals during an inappropriate Facebook exchange.

The teacher was asked to tutor the teenage girl in 2013, an arrangement that continued until the end of school year. ??

Then aged 33, he was a provisionally registered teacher and relieving at a secondary school. The girl was 16 and attending a different secondary school.

The Teachers Council Disciplinary Tribunal decision said in early 2014 the girl contacted the teacher saying she had “fallen in love with him”. Regular contact between them followed, primarily on Facebook.

A complaint was made by the girl’s parents when they discovered the relationship.

The photographs submitted to the Tribunal included images of the teacher fully clothed, and explicit photos of male genitals.

Late-night messages from the teacher to the girl included: “U shw me first”, “I wanna c”, and “Nd put yr fone there”.

After repeated requests from the girl to “show me nw”, she then messaged him saying: “Haha”, “scary alien”. He responded: “U shd c wn its hard”.

Not only a creep, but a stupid and registered creep.


– NZ Herald