As predicted, the RSA lines up against John Key’s stupid flag referendum

I said a few weeks back that John Key was mad to die int eh ditch over the flag, to cash in his political capital for a flag.

People aren’t marching in the streets demanding a flag change. So why bother…all it is going to do is attract negative attention and damage his political capital.

Predictably the RSA has weighed in against the process and the change.

The RSA says the process involved in changing the flag is unnecessarily complicated and costly.

Over the next few weeks Parliament’s justice and electoral committee will consider the New Zealand Flag Referendums Bill, reporting back to Parliament by July 19.

RSA chief executive David Moger said the association would take its support for the country’s flag to the committee.

He said the RSA’s main concern was the process of the decision, which would cost around $26 million. ?

“A two question referendum is unnecessary and far too expensive. Our preference is that it should be a simple question up front — do you want to change the flag?”

The RSA said Anzac day should highlight the importance of keeping the current flag.

Mr Moger said there was no need to change it.

“That is the flag that we have had for the past 100 years, and it’s a flag under which tens of thousands of New Zealanders have committed their lives to service and died under it, and that’s part of our history and our heritage.”

Perhaps when John Key stands at Gallipoli with me and the thousands of others attending the 100 year commemorations he might reflect on the his decision to change the flag as ours is dipped to half mast in honour of those who have fallen…and reflect on what the RSA is saying.

He’d be far better to shelved the bill, and start a new one referendum on whether or not Maori should own water. He would win that referendum, he is going to lose the flag referendum, especially if he still plans to hire Jo de Joux to run the campaign.


– NewstalkZB