Brian Rudman has his panties in a bunch

Brian Rudman has his panties in a bunch attacking charity boxing matches and ignoring salient facts.

Of all the winners and losers of last weekend, the memory that lingers is the sight of blogger Cameron Slater slumped on the floor of the boxing ring like a beached pilot whale, while all around, a liquored-up, “formally dressed” crowd bayed for more blood.

Slater is an unloveable character. He makes his living hunched over his keyboard, smearing and belittling people he dislikes. But the organisers of this one-minute mismatch are no better.

“Hunched over a keyboard, smearing and belittling people”…you mean like Brian Rudman is fdoing in this article?

Here is the thing that Brian Rudman forgets…I had a challenge and I rose to that challenge…I got fit, lost a significant amount of weight, and overcame my fears and got in a ring to fight a professional sportsman. I reached outside of my comfort zone and I am better for it despite a couple of bangs.

Along the way I found a new respect for the professional athletes and those who coach and train them.

The only people who criticise boxing are the panty-waists who have never got in the ring.

As is usual these days, Rudman, like many Herald writers,?never bothered to ask the promotors for a comment before tapping out his little hit piece, so I took the liberty of contacting John McRae for comment (You know like a real journalist would do). ??

McRae said:

“It’s seems bullies wear cardigans too. Rudman?hasn’t checked the?facts either (Jesse didn’t have a head injury) and focuses on the negative aspects of boxing rather than the positive.

Cameron earned a huge amount of respect from the boxing community during his journey.

The result wasn’t important, the cause and achieving his personal goals were.”

And that is the point really, mo one forced me to get in?the?ring, and more importantly I did it for charity and I am proud of the tens of thousands of dollars that I was able to raise for KidsCan. I doubt Brian Rudman has ever done as much for anyone other than himself.

People like Brian Rudman spend their entire moaning lives telling other people how they should live theirs. He is a tired washed up old tosspot who should give himself an uppercut.

The most disgusting aspect of his hit job is attacking KidsCan for daring to accept money that we raised. I didn’t notice him dipping in his pockets to assist, he normally has his hand out demanding ratepayers and taxpayers fund his hobbies. When you look at Rudman’s article and David Fisher attacking KidsCan in some sort of lawyer inspired vendetta you have to start wondering if the NZ Herald editor isn’t deliberately attacking people associated with me out of spite. The funny thing is they are still using me and photos of me to sell their tired old rag.

What a nasty, bitter, washed up old hack Rudman is, just like the newspaper he writes for.


– NZ Herald