Dodgy Socialist Dam cops another one in the chook

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

The Hawkes Bay Regional Council has lost another court battle over the Ruataniwha Dam.

This is the fourth time they have lost in a court. They got smashed by the Board of Inquiry, the lost in the High Court when they refused to release the TRIM model, and they lost an appeal and had to pay costs because they were so wrong and now the maoris had smashed them up over their dodgy socialist dam and the degradation of the waterways that would result from the project.

You have to start wondering when the council will give up their dodgy plan.

Iwi authority Ngati Kahungunu is celebrating an Environment Court decision it says is a victory over Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s attempts to reduce water-quality standard provisions for the region’s aquifers.

At a hearing in December, Ngati Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated challenged the council’s attempts to change two objectives related to groundwater quality as part of a change to the regional resource management plan. ?

One of the changes proposed by the council was the removal of an objective in the plan which states: “No degradation of existing groundwater quality in the Heretaunga Plains and Ruataniwha Plains aquifer systems.” The council argued the “absolute” wording of the objective was impossible to achieve and water quality could be better protected by addressing catchment-specific issues elsewhere in the plan.

In a decision on Friday, the Environment Court sided with Ngati Kahungunu, saying its bid to retain the objectives was in keeping with the provisions of the Resource Management Act.

“To not aspire and attempt to at least maintain the quality of water abdicates the functions of a regional council,” Judge Craig Thompson and commissioners Kevin Prime and Anne Leijnen said in their judgment.

As regular readers will note my views that the dam will degrade the Tukituki River is now supported by not only the Board of Inquiry and the High Court but now also the Environment Court.

The plan as it stands is fatally flawed. It is unbelievable that a council would conceive of a plan that would wreck a river…in order to benefit around 200 farmers.

The courts certainly don’t agree with the council, they have lost every single battle.

If their plan actually improved the river then there wouldn’t be an issue.

Time for the fools in?the?Hawkes Bay Regional Council to give it up, and/or resign.


– HB Today