Dud judge and a piss weak justice system let down victims

It is cases like this that show up the gullibility of our judges, and our dud criminal friendly justice system.

A fraudster who stole $5000 from Facebook customers to repay nearly $20,000 in TradeMe rip-offs claimed she didn’t realise she’d “done it again”.

Harriet Heather Anne Dale, 24, committed another $5000 worth of frauds before she was caught again, and she now faces a total reparation bill of more than $20,000.

Christchurch District Court Judge David Saunders’ assessment was that Dale was “living in La-La Land”, but he granted her a seven-month home detention term in place of a jail sentence.

He noted she had a five-year-old son who was cared for by her parents because she had been unable to cope, and she was again pregnant, and facing a sizeable reparations bill. ??

She had admitted 29 charges of causing loss by deception, and obtaining money by deception relating to online sales that were paid for but the goods were never sent.

Dale has been diagnosed as having a borderline personality disorder and is undergoing treatment.

She will shortly move to the Manawatu with her partner to begin her home detention sentence, at a house where she is forbidden to have Internet access, must not use alcohol or illicit drugs, and must undergo any treatment or counselling that her probation officer orders.

She will have to pay money back to her victims at $40 a week. The judge ordered her to read the victim impact statements after the sentencing, to understand the emotional harm she had caused with the loss of so many people’s savings.



Even though the judge said she lived in la-la land he still gave her a cuddle and a tickle with the feathery edge of a wet bus ticket.

This person is a crook, ripping off people because she can. Not only that she can’t even prevent getting pregnant despite already having failed as a mother once before.

I’m surprised that the judge didn’t impose another requirement for her to have hugs and cuddles before bed.


– Fairfax