Good, now taxpayers are off the hook at last, but Dalton is clinging desperately to the trough

Steve Joyce must be breathing a sigh of relief as he gets and escape clause from having to pour more corporate welfare into Team New Zealand.

But the idiot Grant Dalton, who these days tends to think with his little head is deciding to waste more taxpayer funds by challenging the organisers.

Team New Zealand are challenging a decision by the America’s Cup Events Authority to ditch Auckland as host of the qualifying regatta in early 2017.

But chief executive Grant Dalton says regardless of the outcome of any hearing “this is not the end of Emirates Team New Zealand”. ??

The team today filed an application to the America’s Cup Arbitration Panel to reinstate Auckland as the qualifier venue, claiming organisers have “breached their signed agreement and protocol obligations”.

The move comes after the teams voted through changes to the protocol for the 35th America’s Cup, which included a reduction in boat size between 45 and 50 foot foiling catamarans in order to cut the costs of competing. The majority of teams also indicated a preference that all of the racing in 2017 be conducted at a single venue, Bermuda. The America’s Cup Event Authority said it “will consider this in nominating a venue for the America’s Cup qualifiers”.

However, Team NZ believe moves to retrospectively change the venue of the qualifiers are illegal.

It doesn’t really matter what Dalton thinks, the organisers will just change the rules to suit themselves.

The problem Dalton now faces is having to front up to those sponsors he gave a cast iron guarantee to that the government will pony up again.

The taxpayers should be done with funding the property investments of millionaire sailors.


– NZ Herald