Is Winston Peters the only opposition leader with moral authority?

Winston Peters win in Northland means that he is the only opposition party leader who actually has won a seat.

He put his name on the ballot and got elected, rather than getting the arse from the electorate like Andrew Little, Metiria Turei and whichever of the four leadership aspirants of the Greens win a seat.

So now Winston joins ACTs Seymour and United?s Dunne and the Maori Party?s Flavell as well as National?s John Key as having a mandate from an electorate.

Winston should challenge the other wanna-be opposition leaders to win a seat like him, prove they can do the hard yards in an electorate and prove that they can actually get people to vote for them. ?
It takes big balls to back yourself enough to win a tough battle, and Winston is a warrior.

He earned the right to call himself MP for Northland through hard work, good strategy and a lifetime developing the kind of cunning that only comes with a mix of natural talent and experience that the other opposition leaders lack.

What would be hilarious is if John Key found Jonathan Young an ambassadors job, got him to resign and have a by-election in New Plymouth to see if Andrew Little could even come close. I reckon he wouldn’t.

List MPs are scum and even Winston Peters knows this…Steve Joyce is still to learn this lesson, and the last chance he had he bottled selection because it was contested.