New lycra force-field replacement


Road maggots have a new tool to protect them from 2 tonne steel vehicles.

On top of their lycra force-field they can now add an invisible spray that can reflect the lights of the car that is about to run them down.

An invisible paint that only shows up in the glare of headlights has been created to help protect cyclists on the road.

The spray, which comes in a deodorant-style can, can be applied to bags, clothes, shoes, helmets or the bike frame itself. It lasts around a week before fading away, or until the fabric is washed. ?

The developers said the spray “does not affect the colour or surface of your chosen material”. It is invisible in daylight.

Around 2,000 free cans have been made available in six cycle shops in central London and Tunbridge Wells, in Kent.

Volvo, the car-maker behind the technology, said if the trial run proved popular, the spray could be rolled out nationally and internationally.

“We wanted to test the spray with cyclists and to see the reaction ? and it’s been more successful than we could have expected, with interest from all over the world and 450,000 views of our advert on social media,” a spokesman said.

Every year more than 19,000 cyclists are involved in accidents in Britain.

To promote its new safety product, which has been named LifePaint, Volvo is using the tag-line: “The best way to survive a crash is not to crash”. Black posters which only reveal their message in the flash of a light may also be used in nationwide marketing campaign.

LifePaint huh?

I wonder if it protects them more than their lycra force-fields?

Or it is just another product to make a gay sport even gayer.


– The Telegraph