Ritchies Coaches hiring the wrong kind of people?


An “urgent investigation” has been called by Auckland Transport into an incident in which a bus driver was caught reading a newspaper while driving.

The video captured by a passenger on a Ritchies Coaches bus in Albany shows the driver with the newspaper spread out across the wheel.

He can be seen casually turning the pages of the paper while the bus is visibly moving.

An Auckland Transport spokesperson says the matter has been raised with the bus operator and an investigation into the incident has been called.

According to reports the bus driver is being disciplined.


I would have thought that’s one of those “instant dismissal” situations. ? It’s not that the man is reading the paper that’s the problem, it’s that he never even realised that you shouldn’t be reading the paper while driving a bus full of people. ?How immensely thick is this man?

Discipline isn’t going to fix being a thicko.

Unless Ritchies Coaches gets rid of the guy, every one of their drivers will be under suspicion as being ‘that guy’.


– One News