Rowing Ratbag’s parents drop law suit

The St Bedes rowing saga rolls on with the ratbag parents of the ratbag rower now dropping the case.

Two fathers who took legal action to prevent a Christchurch school from barring their sons from a national rowing competition will not pursue the matter.

In a statement from the St Bede’s College board of trustees, lawyer Garth Gallaway said the parents of rowers Jack Bell, 16, and Jordan Kennedy, 17, would not take any further legal action.

Legal action had been expected after the school tried to bar the teenagers from the Maadi Cup last week.

An interim injunction granted by the High Court allowed the boys back on the school’s rowing team after the principal axed them from the regatta for breaching Auckland Airport security.

Gallaway said the boys’ parents, Shane Kennedy and Antony Bell, would not pursue a substantive claim against the school.

“This means that the parents will not be taking this further through the courts, which in my view is entirely appropriate,” he said. ? ?

“The school must be able to deal with disciplinary issues without the fear of parents going to court.”

Board chairman Warren Johnstone said the school would not seek costs from the boys’ parents.

“This matter should not be about money but rather about what behaviour is expected and what the consequences need to be when situations such as these arise,” he said.

These two dickheads have now ensured their kids are ostracised instead of coping a short suspension.

No one will touch those kids for fear that their parents will rush off to court.

It was all about the fathers’ egos,?they were vicariously living through their kids, but it turns out their kids weren’t all that they thought they were after they never got selected for the nationals.

Now after wrecking their kids friendships and school relationship they are withdrawing from a case they probably never would have won.

These kids have learned a terrible lesson at the hands of their deadset useless parents.

– Fairfax