SBS has a no dickheads rule

This all happened when I was trapped on buses or flying, but it looks like SBS has a no dickheads rule after one of the journalists went feral on twitter against honouring ANZACs.

They’ve sacked him.

Respect for Australian audiences is paramount at SBS.

Late on Anzac Day, sports presenter Scott McIntyre made highly inappropriate and disrespectful comments via his twitter account which have caused his on-air position at SBS to become untenable.

Mr McIntyre?s actions have breached the SBS Code of Conduct and social media policy and as a result, SBS has taken decisive action to terminate Mr McIntyre?s position at SBS, with immediate effect. ??

At SBS, employees on and off air are encouraged to participate in social media, however maintaining the integrity of the network and audience trust is vital. It is unfortunate that on this very important occasion, Mr McIntyre?s comments have compromised both.

SBS apologises for any offence or harm caused by Mr McIntyre?s comments which in no way reflect the views of the network. SBS supports our Anzacs and has devoted unprecedented resources to coverage of the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings.

I am heartily sick of these moaning lefties wanted to spike ANZAC day, the only reason they can say what they like is because of the sacrifice of our servicemen.

Looking back with today’s attitudes and beliefs at what went on in the past isn’t helpful.

Scott McIntyre is but just one of a bunch of media who need a good kick in the pants.

Of course the leftists are all outraged over his sacking and like here in NZ are rallying behind him.

Andrew Bolt points out their hypocrisy.

I?ve put together a long list of journalists now attacking SBS for having sacked presenter Scott McIntyre for a breach of contract – for using Twitter to vilify Anzacs as rapists, murderers, war criminals and agents of the worst terrorism.

Funny, but I don?t recall those same furious journalists protesting at the following sackings or punishments:

The sacking of Glenn Milne as a panelist on the ABC?s Insiders for his column on Julia Gillard?s involvement in the AWU slush fund scandal.

The sacking of Piers Akerman as a panelist on the ABC?s Insiders for noting (correctly) that some Canberra journalists had debated the sexuality of Julia Gillard?s boyfriend (despite Akerman making clear that scuttlebutt was false and offensive).

The sacking of Howard Sattler as 6PR host for asking Julia Gillard if her boyfriend was gay (a sacking I supported, by the way).

The dumping of Michael Smith as 2UE host for asking Julia Gillard ?unauthorised questions? about her involvement in the AWU slush fund scandal.

The forcing out of Barry Spurr as professor of poetry at Sydney University for using terms such as ?Mussies?, ?Abos? and ?Chinky poos? in private emails he said were jokes.

The banning by the Federal Court of two of my columns arguing that we should identify more as individuals rather than as members of a ?race?, especially when we have ancestors of multiple ?races?.

Nor do I recall many – if any – of those journalists protesting against 18C, Labor?s proposed media council, the Labor-Greens inquiry into the ?hate media?, our restrictive defamation laws, Victoria?s religious vilification laws, the prosecution of two Christian pastors for quoting and criticising Koranic verses on jihad or any of the other many other dangerous limitations on our free speech.


No one does hypocrisy like the left wing.


– SBS, Andrew Bolt