Some people really are stupid

I find it hard to fathom how someone can let themselves get dudded and then run off to the media to tell the world that they got dudded by what is an obvious con.

Pensioner Mary Boyle has forgiven Steven Robertson since he repaid $29,000 she had handed over for a gold trading investment.

But she does not think of him fondly.

“I don’t know how on earth he lives with himself,” she said.

Boyle, a retired teacher in her 80s, became involved with Robertson after a brochure landed in her letterbox, followed by a phone call from a company called PTT.

It was a sales pitch for a gold trading scheme called Prosper Through Trading. ??

“Gold is a solid investment in today’s climate,” it said. “With PTT, a renowned market educator by your side, you will succeed.”

A graph depicted apparently soaring profits of 2000 per cent in less than six months.

Although she was not wealthy ? she lived in a council flat ? Boyle had some money available and decided to give it a go.

“I knew it was trading in gold, because the brochure said so. And you buy a licence to operate on the CMC platform in order to do your trading. I’ve still got that … It cost me $4000.”

She should consider that $4000 as a tax on her stupidity. I mean look at the claims…profits of 2000 per cent in less than six months.


– Fairfax