The month that was (yes, another one gone)

Let’s tear into the Google Analytics stats:




India has risen to 7th place on what I suspect is a Cricket World Cup related surge. ?Next month it may not even rate in the top 10. ?Other than that, all the Five Eyes partners are once again strongly represented at the top.


Our Cricket World Cup final live blog stands out clearly in the comments graph for last month. ?Pity the result didn’t go our way, but it was a lot of fun watching it all together.


Polos have been ordered?today.

The “Product of the Month” is going to skip April for two reasons. ?One, I think we’ve drained you all of enough money for a while. ?There’s been a lot of pressure on you all to donate to the blog, donate to KidsCan, and support us through buying merchandise. ?It’s clear we can only beg for so much and not feel it in the results. ?So it’s time for a rest. ?Two, we have to get through Easter as well, and I suspect a lot of you will be distracted.

To compensate, I’m planning something rather interesting and exciting for May.

Whaleoil “Staff” keeps growing

Whaleoil always has been a strong community, but nothing makes this more evident by the number of people willing to help out and make things better. ?A few days ago, we were joined by Alan Peach who takes care of the daily Today in History posts. ?These add more colour to the start of the day before we get into the meat and potatoes.

The Whaleoil front-line team now consists of Cam, Juana, myself, Nige, EWWBL, SonovaMin, Roger, Lux, Alan and George. ?The back-office team of sweatshop workers is even larger, and then there is you, our audience. ?You send in tips, leaks, story suggestions and even complete articles.

Thank you to everyone who makes this blog worth following, even if it’s been a bit confusing over the last month with National?going for a speed wobble and loyal supporters feeling their patience and loyalty is being stretched.

Netguide Awards

In the near future we hope to direct you to the Netguide Awards and vote for us once again. ?This will be our third year that we will enter for this event. ?However, as it is simply a popularity contest, and our audience is?after all larger?than?the next 200 blogs combined, there doesn’t seem to be much sport in “competing” for the Netguide.

Because of this, if Whaleoil takes out the hat trick, we will no longer enter for subsequent years.

We strongly support Netguide and their awards, and perhaps we should try and compete in other categories, even if we aren’t likely to be victorious. ? But at least other blogs can then aspire to take out the Netguide Best Blog crown.

Open Parachute

And last, but not least, the monthly blog league table that Whaleoil so desperately wanted to be at the top of, and which we have now not just led but also completely dominated for some years now.