Told ya, now they are coming for your food

I have always said that health campaigners will move on from tobacco and start coming after whatever they want to control next.

Be it fast food, or sugar or fat they want to apply the same tactics of control to those products like they have for tobacco.

Less than two years ago I gave a speech to the Food and Grocery Council and told them that if they didn’t back the fight against plain packing in tobacco then they were going to be next.

Many of them scoffed at me…I’ll bet they wish they’d listened now.

Aaron Shultz, an Australian health campaigner, is calling for plain packaging featuring health warnings for junk food. He has posted a picture on Facebook of what he believes the packaging could look like – dropping the branding in favour of a picture reminding people of the price they could pay for a junk food habit.

Shultz is a health campaigner, who runs an organisation called Game Changer. It has a broader aim: to halt the promotion of alcohol, junk food and gambling through sport. He argues that by associating sport with these unhealthy brands, it normalises junk food, and contributes to the growing obesity problem in Australia. ??
He wants to see brands add a detailed list of ingredients to their packaging, with a long-term aim of introducing plain packaging – to halt the influence of brand power on children’s food decisions.

The expansion of plain packaging beyond tobacco products has been something that analysts have talked about since plain packets were first proposed. An Adam Smith Institute report by Christopher Snowdon recently claimed: “The extension of plain packaging to other products is not just possible, it is highly likely.” He added: “What happens to tobacco today tends to happen to other ‘unhealthy’ products tomorrow.” He cited sin taxes, advertising bans and health warnings as proof that “we can be confident that the temperance lobby and the diet police will fight for it to happen with plain packaging.” Snowdon is a pro-smoking author and journalist, so the idea of extending plain packaging brings him concern, but it will cheer health campaigners.

It really is a slippery slope and now it is happening.

If we don’t halt these taxpayer funded “health” lobbyists they will be taxing and controlling every aspect of your life and forcing you to eat what they think you should eat.