Trotter on Nash and the Greens

Finally a Labour MP that doesn?t want to do dumb stuff that doesn’t get people elected.

This means he will probably get a good hiding at the next Labour caucus meeting, and sent away on sensitivity training.

But Chris Trotter nails it:

IF THE GREENS?want a glimpse of their future with Labour, then they should listen to Stuart Nash.

Speaking yesterday (31/3/15) at the big oil exploration industry conference at Sky City, Labour?s energy spokesperson warned his audience that the tiny minority who opposed oil drilling was ?always in our ear?. What?s more, he said, ?they?re very media savvy?. ??

The Napier MP (who raised the bulk of his campaign funds at a single dinner organised by Matthew Hooton and held at Auckland?s exclusive Northern Club) lamented the fact that the oil industry?s ?great story? ? about jobs, regional development and enhanced government revenues ? was simply not being heard by the New Zealand public. It was time, said Nash, for the industry to ?lift its game?

This is, of course, the same Stuart Nash who is also urging Labour?s caucus to abandon its support for the Greens? flagship energy policy of setting up a single electricity buyer ? NZ Power.

Chris Trotter obviously hasn?t looked at Nashy?s election returns though.?Listening to the local gossip often sends you down the wrong path.

Hooton would like the credit for raising the money at the Northern Club but the fact of the matter is that two big donors kicked in a lot of money independent of Hooton getting pissed and making a c*** of himself at the Northern Club.

Irrespective of that Stuart Nash instinctively knows what middle NZ is looking for, and it is the middle that Labour needs to win back, not the hard left loons.

The Greens too have a choice, continue with hard left lunacy, or move tot he centre and actually seriously contemplate working with National.


– Bowalley Road