Will Angry Andy give Carmel Sepuloni’s welfare spokesperson job back?


The fact that Carmel’s mum’s been convicted of benefit fraud is not relevant to Carmel. ?Well, it shouldn’t be, if it wasn’t for the fact Angry Andy took some of her responsibilities away because it would be a conflict of interest.

Here’s my problem: ?now that Carmel’s mum’s been convicted, how is this conflict of interest for Carmel being Labour’s welfare spokesperson any less? ?Surely Angry Andy can not possibly allow Carmel to resume? ?Her mum is now permanently tainted, and as a result of Andrew Little’s logic, so is Carmel.

But now that Carmel’s mum is an official criminal, would it be a conflict of interest for Carmel to speak on policing? ?Law and order? ? To be consistent with Angry Andy’s decision – no she can not.

The point I am driving at is that Andrew Little made a huge mistake standing Sepuloni down for something her mother was accused of. ?If we are to extrapolate this, then we should go through Bill English’s family to see if there are any people who may have been bankrupt. ?In which case, Bill would have to step down.

Did John Tamihere ever take a public position on corrections? ?On policing? ?On law and order? ?After all, his brother David?was convicted?for murder and went to jail. ? Using Angry Andy’s logic, why on earth was John allowed to keep functioning as if he wasn’t compromised?

The answer of course is that we should not declare a conflict of interest in a government (shadow) portfolio, or a spokesperson position because a family member isn’t following the law.

Worse, now that Sepuloni’s mum is found guilty and?sentenced, there is no logical way to “undo” the argument that a conflict of interest no longer exists.

Fine mess you made there Mr Little. ?And the precedent is that every time a Labour party staffer or MP has a family member that breaks the law, that staffer or MP is now immediately sidelined on all associated policy areas.