Len Brown’s true legacy? Recall elections

No matter what political persuasion you hail from, there will be few that think Auckland Council are acting responsibly and are doing a good job. ?Duncan Garner piles in:

For a man that promised to keep it at 2.5% – this is a deeply embarrassing day for Brown.

And what?s worse, the poorest people will suffer the most.

The suburbs of Otara and Papatoetoe will pay an average 16.9 per cent rates increase, Beach Haven, and Glenfield 16.1 per cent and New Lynn and Avondale 15.7 per cent.

The new rates increases includes a targeted rate to improve transport. And it?s true Auckland is stuffed on that front and it needs a series of expensive transport solutions.

But Brown was never upfront about how he was ever going to pay for these solutions. Today it?s all been revealed. We?re all going to pay ? and we?re all not quite sure what we?re getting.

Brown has billions and billions of council assets that he is refusing to sell to pay for the city’s transport needs. ? He’s already been told he’s no longer allowed to borrow more. ?So no asset sales, no loans, no help from central government, he’s only got one place left to go: ?your pockets. ?

On top of the sex scandal in office, this finishes Brown. The voters won?t look kindly upon this nor do they want to listen to his excuses.

In my view, Brown would be best to signal he won?t stand again. That can?t be far way. The centre-left have already found a new candidate ? Phil Goff.

Call today?s mix of levies and increases what you like ? it is a huge rates increase ? and had Len Brown been honest with voters about this during the election, he may not have been elected.

Ironically, Auckland Council are like a runaway train now, and nobody can stop it. ?There isn’t any legislation in place to stop a council from making a huge mess by its rate payers having a method to say “STOP!”, “NO MORE!”

It may be too late for Len Brown and his council to be stopped in the short term, but the pressure for the introduction of recall legislation is building.

One day, we’ll be able to “Brown Out” people in local government for not delivering on their promises, or due to serious mismanagement.

And let’s face it – Len Brown can’t even run his own credit card. ?Why on earth did enough Aucklanders think it a good idea to give him the largest budget in the country to play with?

But Len’s not alone. ?This runaway train can’t go anywhere without support from his Council.

Recall elections will be a suitable safety valve for rate payers to bring an errant councilor or mayor into line. ?And it will be Len Brown that started it all.


– RadioLive