Another problem the UK has that’s on its way here

This group appeared out of nowhere and swamped the road around our coach. They left us alone but broke into the trucks to steal and try and stow away over the border. Watch the guy in the backpack! ?- ?Jenny NZ

Who doesn’t want to come to a country with highly subsidised or free health care, free education, state provided or highly subsidised housing and social welfare?

And New Zealand is in the same…ahem… boat.

It is easy to understand the desperation of any given individual to come to Paradise. ? And any given individual could hardly be denied under normal circumstances. ?But just as you can let someone sleep on your couch for a few weeks until they figure things out with the Mrs, you can’t have 150 people come and sleep on your couch.

The Indonesian boat people will find their way here unless they are stopped. ?And stop them we must.

Supplied, via RNZ

Supplied, via RNZ

Mr Key told Morning Report he had seen the reports alleging a payment was made but had not been advised that New Zealand was involved or knew about it.

He said New Zealand authorities would have been talking to their Australian counterparts, but that would have been about the boat’s movements.

“All I was advised of is that there was a boat that was coming, the belief that it had both the capability in terms of the boat itself, and the crewmanship of the sailors was estimated to be good enough for them to potentially do it. So it was all around the logisitics of the boat, but nothing else.”

Mr Key was asked what he thought about paying off people smugglers to take their boats back.

“I can sort of see the arguments both ways. On the one had they are issues, in terms of a flood of boats, you don’t want that happening.

“I think the counter-argument of course would be a pretty simple one, which would simply be my view and I think most people’s view of boat smugglers is a very poor one – these people that prey on people that are in a very difficult position.”

What exactly is too bad about paying them to take them back home? ?It’s where they belong, where they can apply through proper channels, and it is a hell of a lot cheaper to pay for boats to turn back than it is to have a flood of these craft spew their people into our country. ?Once they are here, they’ll cost more than $5000?each.


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